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Do you recognize the following situation? Someone says something to you and you think: "That is crazy! How can one think something like that?" People sometimes believe the strangest things. And even more strange is that such a person is just as convinced about his/her opinions than you are about yours! How is that possible? How come do they think like that? This is what I want to find out on the basis of news stories.

The slogan 'What are your ideas?' is applicable to everyone. If you hear or read a strange statement in a news report, you can ask yourself: what are the ideas behind this statement? But you can also ask yourself: Why do I think that this statement is strange? What are my ideas? Go to this blog and this vlog to find our more about this.

In the webshop you'll find products with all kinds of ideas in the form of texts or well-known symbols. Nice to have or to give to someone else as a present. These products are bought at distributors who pay attention to the circumstances in which the products were made.

And of course I'm curious about your ideas too. So leave a comment below the blog, vlog or forum and we can start to understand each other's ideas more and more.