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Howlite necklace peace multicoloured

Necklace peace multicoloured. Material: Howlite.


This necklace is made of the gemstone howlite and the individual stones are in the shape of the peace sign.

Howlite is actually white with grey nerves. But since it is porous, it can easily be coloured. Therefore howlite is often used to make juwelleries in many colours, like this necklace.

The name howlite originated from its founder, the chemist, geologist and mineralogist Henry How who first discovered the mineral in 1868 in Brookvill on Nova Scotia in Canada. It is now also found in South Africa.

Howlite would make a person calm and positive. But whether you expect that from howlite or not, this (symbolic) meaning does fit very well to the symbolism of the peace sign.


Length: About 41cm.
Weight: About 17 gram.
Clasp: Toggle.

€ 12,95

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