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Bracelet with turquoise peace sign

Bracelet with turquoise peace sign.


This bracelet consist of two parts that are bound together. One part has a few small turquoise balls attached to it. The other a turquoise peace sign. A clever bracelet that makes the peace sign look good.

Turquoise is called after the country Turkey. Not because it was found over there, but because the mineral came into Europe via Turkey first. Ever since the Ottoman empire people have conceived turquoise as a precious stone. At the moment turquoise is found in Mexico, United States, China and Iran.

It has been said about turquoise that it can help a person to turn negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones. And if you don't care so much for such meanings, than it is still a beautiful and clever bracelet.


Perimeter innerside: 19cm.
Weight: 11 gram.

€ 11,95

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